Duke FinTech Annual InterCollegiate Trading Competition

This week saw a major reshuffling of the rankings following the Russia/Ukraine conflict, testing each trader's ability to handle political risk in their portfolios.


Trader Raven suffered major losses initially due to an order entry error, yielding 2nd place to Bubbles, who continues to work a dependable low vol/low return strategy. Despite the setback, Trader Raven is steadily climbing back up in the rankings, posting impressive returns as Russian political events stimulate commodities markets.

Hoppity remains in first place, successfully executing on a very dependable low vol/low return strategy similar to Bubbles’.

Three newcomers have entered the coveted Top 5 Sharpe Ratio rankings:

  1. Nonfortissimus, of UNC Chapel Hill, and a veteran of the 2021 Duke FINTECH Trading Competition.
  2. Kalamazee of Washington University in St Louis
  3. daddywarbucks of Georgetown University