The Gothic Hedge Society at Duke wants to run an interesting and fair competition. We’ve tried our best to structure the rules & scoring system to bring about that effect.

However, we recognize that there are many possible edge cases and special situations that might occur and are impossible or impractical to forsee. If something unforseen takes place, the Hedge Society will make the best ruling that it can. Both the decision and the justification will appear on this website in the appropriate section.

Here are a few more rules & considerations that we anticipate might cover situations that arise:

1 Trading in Groups

The bottom line is: you get one Competition entry per University email, and you get to choose what you do with it.

You are welcome to create a trading team in which everyone works together to participate in the competition. If you inform us that you’re in a team, we’ll even publish something to that effect on the score-tracking pages. You, as a trader, can even help more than one team.

However: it’s very important to decide ahead of time how you’ll split up the winnings. We recommend writing up a team charter similar to what you’ve used in your college courses.

2. A tie

It’s VERY unlikely that a tie will take place because in order for that to happen, two traders would have to post the exact same return AND Sharpe ratio after about 3 months of trading. If such a fluke does take place, however, we’ll let those two traders trade for another week to break the tie, and repeat until the tie is broken.

3. General Shenanigans

We can’t define shenanigans or hacking in general, but we’ll know them if we see them. If shenanigans take place, the admins will write up the situation and post a decision somewhere public. We might even put the issue to a vote by asking the traders on the Discord channel.