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2023 Sponsors:

Thank you, Schonfeld, for your generous cash contribution!!!

DTCC has committed to interviewing top traders for early career paths in quantitative risk! For more info, see our interview with DTCC’s Sara Mados

2023 Cash Prizes

1st Place: $2,000.00

2nd Place: $1,333.33

3rd Place: $833.33

4th Place: $500.00

5th Place: $333.33

Important Dates

06 Oct 2023: Registration closes

No new registrants will be accepted. Sign up here!!!


This is when we’ll begin keeping score. Use the week betwen 06 Oct and 11 Oct to get used to the Trader Workstation, interact on Discord, troubleshoot, etc.


All of your end-of-day Net Account Values between 11 Oct and 15 Dec will be used in the calculation of your scores, with 15 Dec being the final date. After that day the competition will be over and winners will be declared.

The Duke FinTech Trading Competition is a 3-month long event in which student traders from around the world create paper trading accounts at Interactive Brokers and trade anything they want, including stocks, bonds, options, futures, currencies, crypto, and any of the other products offered by Interactive Brokers.

Due to the way in which we score & rank our participants, if you do well in this competition, it’s because you’re a good trader. Furthermore, we’ve introduced a bracket system this year to keep ALL of our traders interested and engaged. In the new system, even if you don’t stand much chance of taking the #1 spot overall, you can still compete for a top rank within your bracket, giving you a hard-earned accomplishment that you can report on your resume or CV.

To see how we accompilsh all this – and what makes us special – check out our scoring philosophy. Then you can begin the sign up process!

As a participating trader in this competition you will:

  • Download Trader Workstation (Interactive Brokers’ professional-grade trading platform) and use it to trade real assets with real market prices using simulated money
    • Join the Gothic Hedge Hub (our companion Discord Server) which you can use to communicate with other traders, the Competition admins, and industry sponsors
    • Gain a chance to show recruiters and the world your trading skills
    Go ahead and join now! We’ll look forward to seeing you in the Discord server :)


The Duke FINTECH Trading Competition is a free competition hosted by the FINTECH Program at Duke University.

The Competition is open to any currently enrolled graduate or undergraduate student so long as they have an email address with a .edu extension.

Participating students are issued $1 million in simulated currency within a paper trading account provided by Interactive Brokers. Students will have the opportunity to trade equities, fixed income, derivatives, ETFs, cryptocurrencies, and more, all based on real-time streaming market data using the same user interface and features utilized by professional traders.

The FINTECH program at Duke is inclusive and welcoming. Participation is welcome and encouraged, so please help spread the word! Standings for traders will be posted here and updated daily as data become available. This site will continue to grow as new features are brought onboard so be sure to check back often for updates!!!